Steamys Cafe
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Steamy’s Cafe


Old Town Winchester is the perfect place for this eclectic, quirky coffee shop. The barista was very friendly and fantastic at his craft. My usual, a skinny cappuccino, was amazing and the foam was perfection. I questioned the barista extensively about the beans they use and he introduced me to La Colombe, some of the best beans I have had to date!


My life as a coffee drinker forever changed on this day at a little cafe in downtown Winchester, Virginia. The barista continued telling me about this coffee roaster they purchase their beans from and the inventor of the “on tap” latte. I had never heard of such a thing and was definitely intrigued, so much so, that days later we traveled into the heart of Washington D.C., just to see this “on tap” latte first hand. More on this on another blog post.


The cafe also serves homemade food and is actually quite large once you get inside, perfect for an afternoon with friends. My only negative about this little cafe is the hours, but make time to visit this charming coffee shop soon, you won’t be disappointed.


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