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Stumptown Coffee Roasters #28 ★★★★★

“Want to go to New York City?” my husbands voice said. Absolute music to my ears, it had been a month since I had last been and was very anxious to return. Last visit I had marked several off “The List”, but had many more to visit and my response was of no surprise to him. I rearranged the entire day and within hours we were on our way!

I can’t quite explain the deep rooted excitement I experience every time I step thru the door of a new coffee shop. It is filled with mystery, adventure and a satisfaction to my curiosity of this new found coffee culture I find myself highly fascinated with.

This coffee culture goes way beyond a simple cup of coffee, it goes deep and always contains much passion, which is how I personally feel about a cup of coffee myself.

Upon arriving at Stumptown, I was immediately impressed. The outside was impressive even down to the font of the sign. As I stepped through the door the line went on beyond what I could see. I turned to my husband and said, “This coffee must be good!” I waited in line fascinated with with all the coffee roasts they offered and a large variety of cold brew, packaged in ways I had yet to see.


I grabbed several goodies and in no time, it was my turn to order and I decided to try what they had freshly brewing, black of course. This was different for me. If you have followed my blog, you know that y standing coffee order is always a “skinny cappuccino”, but I am finding that in these quality coffee shops, they all taste the same and I now want to experience coffee on a deeper level.


As the black gold touched my palette the flavor was robust and deep, just the way I like it. I stayed just a few minutes more to take it all in and then I was off to the next place.

It wasn’t until returning home that I read Peet’s Coffee has acquired Stumptown Coffee Roasters and that saddens me. I love the smaller coffee companies and i hate to see larger companies taking them over, a charm and individuality is lost when that happens.


Stumptown Coffee has several locations in New York and I would make every effort to find one, even if you do wait in a long line, it is totally worth it! Oh and one last note, Nicole Kidman has visited this coffee shop and is a big fan!

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  1. I am really enjoying following you on your “list” journey! Your visual description of the coffee shop as well as the moment of the first sip, is so well expressed that I feel like I am right there with you!!
    Keep trekking, tasting and blogging, Crystal Coffee cause we’re anxiously following!!!

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