Sump Coffee ★★★★★

My fascination with Sump Coffee began with my visit to The Wydown in Washington D.C., (you can read the blog here –  My Visit to The Wydown )

I had never heard of them prior to this visit and while at The Wydown, ordered a pour over with their coffee. It was so good, I almost shed a tear when I swallowed the last drip! While on a road trip this summer, I realized that I would have the opportunity to visit the Sump Coffee location in St. Louis, MO. – I was ecstatic!!!

Located in a renovated house, the shop is like nothing I have EVER seen before! Their logo fills the front window and when you walk in the red and black decor gives it a rock ‘n roll feel. Super cool inside, very large, this is a cafe you want to be able to stay for a while to take everything in.

It took me a while to order, longer than usual because of their super cool menu! I stood there so long I began to share my journey of what brought me to Sump with the patiently waiting baristas. Beginning with my first sip of Sump coffee back at The Wydown in Washington D.C. and my compulsion to visit the home of this coffee. The friendly baristas listened with peaked interest and suggested a few things off the menu.

I ordered my skinny cappuccino along with a cold brew for the hubby. I loved seeing the three Yama towers on the back counter! There is NOTHING like slow drip cold brew and all of our drinks were out of this world! It was quality like none other. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I grabbed a bag of beans and had to hit the road.

The look of the coffee shop is so unique and a feast for the eyes! I took tons of pictures and will let you enjoy them here in the blog post. If you EVER have the opportunity, check out Sump Coffee! In addition to the St. Louis location, they recently opened a location in Nashville, TN. as well, making it twice as easy for you! Their coffee is also available for purchase online.


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