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The Daily Grind – Jubal Early Drive ★★★★

I am really blessed to have so many extraordinary coffee shops within thirty minutes of my home. My passion and the purpose behind this blog is to inspire you, my readers, followers and fellow coffee enthusiasts to leave behind the big name coffee companies and go discover the amazing coffee shops right around the corner in your neighborhood. So with that spirit behind this blog, I bring you another coffee shop review.

There are several “Daily Grind” coffee shop locations in my area and all are individually managed, so please take note of which location I am reviewing for this blog.

Classic, clean, spacious, friendly staff and predictable quality coffee drinks can be found at the Daily Grind in Winchester, VA, at Adams Crossing, off of Jubal Early Drive.


I love to come and sit here. There are large cozy sofas; tables large enough to have coffee with friends and smaller spots for me to sit, have a quiet moment and blog. I cannot express enough how this cafe is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

While this location may not have the latest coffee brewing extractions such as Aeropress or  pour over, a classic cup of coffee or espresso in a bright, friendly space is what you will find.  This cafe also offers limited food options and everything I have ordered has been tasty.

The next time you get in your car and drive to a coffee shop, I encourage you to try your local cafe and definitely give this one a visit!




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