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The Lab by Alchemy Coffee ★★★★★

The word ‘alchemy’ has two meanings. The first one is a form of chemistry and philosophy practiced in the middle ages. The second definition is “a power or process that changes or transforms something in an impressive way.”  This definition fits The Lab by Alchemy Coffee, perfectly! Alchemy Coffee took my everyday coffee, elevated and transformed it to an experience I will not forget!

Alchemy Coffee has a modern, minimalist look, located  in the downtown area of Richmond, VA. Unique to this cafe, that I have not seen elsewhere is featuring a different coffee roaster every week!

My visit to Alchemy was memorable because I tried something I have never had before! On their menu was an item called, “A Flight of Coffees”….I had no idea what it was until I asked the friendly barista. She explained to me it was a sampler of three coffees from different countries brewed pour over style, from the featured roaster of the week. The week I was there Brandywine Coffee Roasters were being featured and this was my first time trying their coffee.

Pour Over Coffee - starts with freshly ground coffee, a filter & a filter holder, often called a ‘pour over dripper’. Pour over brewing involves pouring water over and through the grounds to extract the coffee flavors into your cup or vessel.

I like black coffee and am always looking for a new coffee roaster to try, so I was excited when she explained to me what it was. Out of the three I tasted, I discovered my favorite, an Ethiopian.

So how do I know what to order to when I walk into a cafe like Alchemy with an expansive coffee menu?? The truth is coffee is an art form and rarely do my drinks ever taste exactly the same twice, even my usual that I order most often, (a skinny cappuccino ).

Coffee Tip – When you are at a coffee shop and have no clue what to order, first ask the barista. Tell her what you like to drink at home and ask for a recommendation. OR you can be adventurous and take a chance and try something new, you may just discover a drink you love!

I had so much fun at The Lab by Alchemy Coffee and I am planning a return visit soon! Who wants to join me?

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  1. Love your coffee shop journeys! Do all of them carry my favorite……Rice Krispy treats?

  2. Pour over coffee is my favorite to drink at home! I also love your tip to ask the barista – so simple, but I would have never thought of that!

    – Kaitlin

  3. Great coffee blog. I love learning about coffee. I have had pour over once and black coffee once it was great.

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