The List

Back in August 2015, I vowed never to drink another Starbucks beverage again. This turned out to be the best thing I ever did and that single decision has evolutionized the way I view coffee completely! I have enjoyed coffee like I never have before, discovered unique  brewing methods and a whole coffee culture I had no idea existed. What I thought I was an expert in, the art of coffee, I was, in actuality a complete novice. This learning process is fun, intriguing and beyond fascinating to me. I do know one thing for sure, Starbucks is NOT coffee, but a massive money sucking industry that preys on kids and unsuspecting sugar overloaded victims.

“The List” was something I went searching for after several disappointing visits to a few independent coffee shops. I wanted to experience THE BEST for myself and I was weary of spending money on coffee only to be greeted with gas station quality beverages.

I typed in a Google search for  “best coffee shops in America” and it resulted in an article written last year. I chose it as launching pad and  a guide that began an amazing journey of delicious coffee, local beans and cafe owners that actually cared about the greatness of the bean!

And so begins a series of blog posts that will take you to many of these locations first hand. I am still in the progress of visiting each one and they are all on my “coffee bucket list”. I hope you enjoy each post and remember, sharing is caring.


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  1. I think this is great and has inspired me as well. I never knew what I was missing out on as a coffee drinker until I read our blog! Thanks for taking me many places that I would never be able to go on my own!

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