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The Roasterie ★★★★

Our much anticipated trip to Kansas City, MO. had arrived! The planning, research and reservations were finally complete.

Traveling energizes me and I have a husband who loves to travel as well, so we are the perfect fit.

On this particular day, he planned a surprise for me. I couldn’t wait, I love surprises! Pulling into the parking lot, I was shocked to see a huge plane ( DC-3 ) atop the building. “What is this place?” I asked my husband. I saw that it was called, “The Roasterie”….this was a coffee roaster?! My husband told me that he had signed us up for a roasting tour, which was a whole coffee experience – I think I ran inside! LOL

The Roasterie

The entire building has an airport feel to it. Walking through, the place has several rooms they call “hangers” and even a large airplane part serves as a customer service desk. The Roasterie is all about this plane, the DC-3. I learned  the DC-3 symbolizes much to the company…

“It symbolizes that we seek out the best coffee from anywhere in the world and that we will travel near and far to provide the best coffee for the best price….. It also symbolizes the spirit, adventure and fun in our company.” This can be truly felt throughout the place.

Our tour began with a video about the coffee process and we received a personal tour of their roasting facility. What makes The Roasterie different is that they air roast the coffee instead of drum roasting as is commonly done.

“Air roasting coffee was originally developed by, Michael Sivetz, the fluid bed roasting process, also known as hot air roasting, uses forced hot air to agitate and roast coffee beans. The perfectly controlled hot air flows over a tilted bed and circulates through the beans, roasting each bean evenly.”

The tour continued with a humorous tour guide walking us through the roasterie and the pallets of coffee beans. It concluded with a coffee brewing tasting.

We had the best time here and learned much! I strongly recommend that if you visit any place in Kansas City, MO., this must be it! You will discover and learn so much about coffee and the adventurous spirit of The Roasterie!

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  1. I love cafes! They are so comforting, and I love how everyone is different. If I ever travel out of my nest- I will know who to look up for great places to go! Have another cup, and be well!
    -Kailah Lake

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