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Think Coffee ★★★★★

A trip to New York City excites me to the core.  I have seen first hand that New York City local coffee shops are unique and each coffee shop has its own point of view.

I was in the city for the weekend and decided to check out Think Coffee. They offer 11 locations in the city,  I visited the one on 11th Avenue. It was a nice size cafe with a beautiful wall of glass windows.

My cappuccino and Ethiopian pour over were crafted well and delicious! The baristas were friendly and fun to chat with. What made this place unique?  I liked that the mission was clear and tied in very well with the name of the coffee shop – Think Coffee.

Think Coffee is driven by sustainable and ethical coffee practices by minimizing environmental impact, supporting the local community and building relationships at Origin. Think Coffee also created Social Project Coffee.

“We know that it is a challenge to understand if your purchasing decisions make a positive impact in the world.  Companies of different stripes, in the coffee business or elsewhere, make claims that they are “sustainable” or “earth-conscious” or “fair” and that you should buy from them because of this.  To us, though, the devil is in the detail – or, rather, the good is in the detail.” – Think Coffee Website

Sometimes, well meaning coffee shops can over complicate the craft of coffee. This results with intimidating menus and a loss of respect for the simplicity of coffee bean itself. When crafted correctly, heavy syrups and creative names aren’t needed for a coffee enthusiast like myself to make a coffee shop great.

Some of my favorite coffee shops that I have visited, just keep it simple, serving up great coffee drinks every time. Think Coffee got it right. Simple Menu. Straightforward message and friendly baristas.

With so many locations in New York City, make sure to swing by and visit! You are going to love it!



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