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Toby’s Estate Coffee

New York City holds great memories for me. Just a six hour drive from home, I am always looking for an opportunity to visit.

My son was off from school for Christmas break, so we decided to drive up for a few days to make some memories as a family and of course, visit the local coffee shops.

There was a specific coffee shop that I had been stalking on Instagram for a while – Toby’s Estate Coffee. The pictures were always beautiful and people were speaking highly of the coffee. Toby’s Estate Coffee is a small batch roaster located in Brooklyn, New York and they have several locations in the New York City area.

“We travel the world sourcing coffee, celebrating quality and complexity. As roasters and baristas, we believe that each coffee can tell a story and we strive to share that in every cup.” -Toby’s Estate Coffee Website

Toby’s Estate Coffee is a highly recommended coffee shop! Elle Decor featured Toby’s in their guide to 77 Things to See and Do in New York City. Harper’s Bazaar named Toby’s 5th Avenue location as one of the 18 Best Coffee Shops in New York City. Refinery29 featured Toby’s Estate as one of the 34 best coffee shops in NYC.  WOW!

I choose the Flat Iron location to visit, located on 5th Avenue. The front entrance was charming and elegant and that look continued inside. A small cafe, white and marble decor, made you feel extra fancy ordering your coffee. This location shares its space with Club Monaco and Strand Bookstore, it was really beautiful inside.

Toby’s Estate was featuring their Christmas blends at the time and the barista gave a sample. It was so good! I told the barista that I would like to purchase a bag. The manager then informed me they were sold out. When I shared with her of who I was and how far I had come, she was surprised, quickly apologized, but then offered to sell me some of the Christmas Blend they used behind the bar! She didn’t have any bag, but took a to go cup and filled it up!

WOW – that warmed my heart and gave a sense of what Toby’s Estate is all about. The people I encountered, from the manager to the barista were warm and friendly, not just with me, but with each person that walked in.

I ordered a cappuccino of course along with a pour over and came to the realization that this coffee shop had indeed earned every accolade. It blew every expectation I had and I was different when I left. I left that day seeing first hand the warmth of not just a coffee shop manager, but of the coffee community. Once again, an experience that I will not soon forget.

Thank you Toby’s Estate for the welcome, the coffee and another great memory I will take home with me.


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  1. I haven’t been to NYC since I was a kid, but have been bugging my husband to go. This place looks and sounds like a must.

  2. Love that the Batista went above and beyond to get you some beans…. Sounds like an Awesome place to visit if I ever get to NY

  3. This sounds like an amazing coffee shop! Hope to get to NYC again soon and will plan a visit to Toby’s!!

  4. I love N.Y. but have not been here but next time I will definitely try it!! Tobys sounds like an awesome coffee shop!! With an Urban Vibe!

  5. Delightful coffee and a nearby bookstore? ? The photos are lovely. Hearing how the employees were warm and inviting but also went above and beyond is rare in our world today. I’m so glad your trip ended well. If I ever get to NY, we will certainly pay them a visit. Bravo Toby’s Estate. May your business thrive.

  6. Wow. Sounds like an amazing coffee shop. Looks very pretty. I love your blogs the way you describe them its almost like i was there seeing everything myself.

  7. I love when shops go above and beyond for their customers. It’s always a blessing to see such great spirit.

  8. I love their comment, “…..each cup of coffee can tell a story …..” Sounds and looks like my kind of coffeeshop!! 😀

  9. Love that the shop is connected to a bookstore, and that was so sweet of the manager to do that! I love that with your blog, I have coffee shop recs for many different cities if I get to travel more!

  10. This looks and sounds like an amazing place. Shame I missed it during my recent trip to NY (especially since I’ve been in the area a few times). But hey, more reason to come back. Love it that they went above and beyond to help you out with coffee. It’s those little things that make the experience extra special.

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