Tryst Coffeehouse ★★★

Tryst came highly recommended to me as a “must hit” coffeehouse in the Washington D.C. area.

It wasn’t anything I expected.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If all the coffee shops I visited were the same, well, I would be out of a hobby, lol. BUT, this place was very unexpected!

Tryst Coffee
Tryst Coffeehouse

Located in the Adams Morgan area in Washington D.C. Tryst greets patrons with a serene patio. As I passed the beautiful outdoor area, where people were sitting and enjoying a meal, it struck me that this was far more than your average cafe.

Tryst Coffeehouse
Inside Tryst

Walking inside, the place felt dark to me, sort of like the lighting a bar might have and it had that feel to it as well. This place is not strictly a coffeehouse at all, in fact the coffee is just a small piece of this company called Tryst.

I approached the counter and ordered a skinny cappuccino, the drink was delicious as a cappuccino should be, the coffee, Counter Culture.

Tryst Coffeehouse
My Cappuccino

Tryst is not only a coffeehouse but also restaurant and a bar at night. The place was decorated very uniquely. Vintage couches faced a dated fireplace, interesting art on the wall and skylights lit the place during the day. Unique, very unique.

The coffee was delicious, the staff, friendly. Will I return? I’m not too sure that’s my scene.



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  1. When Tryst first opened years ago it was innovative and a great space to work, have informal meetings and just chill out pre-outing. Now it feels over run to me. Hopefully the service has returned to its earlier state.

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