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Variety Coffee ★★★★

Variety Coffee Roasters is no exception. With four locations that have such a distinct look to them, the outside of the place draws you in. That was the case for me when I visited the location in Chelsea area of NYC.  I was so in love with the retro look on the outside, it took me a minute before going in.

The fascination continued once inside the building. This was their newest location, just open a few months at the time of my visit. The arch ceilings, openness and brightness to this cafe made me fall in love. It is the perfect spot to not only drink your coffee or visit with a friend, but the place itself I found inspiring. The perfect place for me to blog and I am not the only one to feel that way, the place was packed.

I couldn’t find a place to sit, so that presented me the opportunity to chat with the baristas.  Friendly and welcoming, my chat with her was fun. I love talking coffee. Its a universal language between strangers, that quickly transports you to a common ground. I had never met her, yet I felt I knew her once I left.

I ordered a cappuccino, purchased a travel mug, (because they were in my favorite color, navy) and selected a box of coffee. Yup, the coffee sold there is packaged in boxes – another thing that makes Variety unique. After bringing my order to the counter, she gave me a complimentary cappuccino, I was honored and thrilled. 

When a coffee shop treats me to a complimentary cappuccino, it means a lot. Often while chatting with the baristas, I disclose who I am and why I am there. It is an act of kindness for them to say thank you with a coffee drink, and much appreciated on my end.

My passion is local coffee. I freely promote local coffee to inspire others to branch out and support their communities. I do this by wild promotion of these coffee shops, free of charge, where thousands see the posts, blogs and tweets. Thanking me with a complimentary cappuccino is the perfect way to acknowledge me and my efforts.

I’m not looking for a thanks. Most times I gladly pay for my cappuccinos. But when a coffee shops listens, and grasps what I’m about to do, a cappuccino means so much.

Variety Coffee was such a magical coffee shop that I wish I could stop by everyday. I’m confident that the baristas would come to know my name and my favorite drink. I felt warm and welcomed at Variety. In the middle of New York City is a treasure. I will make sure I return and I’m confident that you will love it as well.


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  1. So many people are very particular about how their coffee is made or what type of coffee is used. Being able to travel to New York and find some great coffee is wonderful for you.

  2. I’m surprised that a complimentary drink for an established coffee blogger is not the practice at every coffee shop.
    Good for Variety!
    Looking at your pics always makes me want to visit! Thanks.

  3. I’ve never heard of being a cappuccino traveler. That is such a fantastic idea. Sounds too good to be true. And the local shops can be the warmest environments. How fun to meet different baristas all over the place.

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