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Vigilante Coffee Company ★★★★

The moment I drove by the building, I knew this place was special. 

The hubby and I had spent a lovely day in Washington D.C. dropping by several coffee shops. I stopped at this one because it came highly recommended by a fellow coffee enthusiast who is in the know about all great coffee shops in “The District”.


We stepped into a unusually large warehouse space. I appreciated that right away because most cafes are small and to experience great coffee AND a private conversation is a rarity.

The place has an industrial feel and understandably so, since it began as their roasting facility and was later remodeled to accommodate a cafe. Large marque letters that spelled out “Happy” behind the counter emulated exactly how I was feeling at that moment. Concrete floors and metal furniture finished off the decor nicely.

I ordered a black cold brew, which was smooth and the flavors bounced off my tongue! My husband, who after spending all day drinking coffee with me, needed something sweeter. He decided on an affogato, which is espresso poured over ice cream ; a really yummy treat!


This place is an experience; a coffee lovers dream.  Large open space, award-winning coffee, need I go on?

Not only can you feel the passion for coffee when you step through the door, but also the four craftsmen roasters that are behind it all.

So, I say “thank you” to Vigilante Coffee, the owners and the staff, for one amazing coffee encounter, well done!




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  1. I grew up about six blocks from Vigilante Coffees location. Thanks for the coffee shop review. I am going to visit the “hood” soon and I will drop by for a cuppa joe! Have a great day! Good luck with your blogging!!

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