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Wells Coffee Co.

Florida is a new venture for me. Honestly, I never saw myself here, the snow lover that I am. 

When my husband spoke of a job relocation, I was dismayed that it was Florida. But, if anything could sweeten the deal was that I would be surrounded by amazing, local coffee shops and roasters.

This past spring, we came down to Fort Lauderdale for his job interview and to scope out the area. With Yelp as my guide, I  immediately began searching for local coffee. I stumbled onto Wells Coffee Co.  I had no idea what to expect, but the online pics looked promising and I noticed they also roasted the coffee in house.

This building is a stunning art piece with a bright geometric shapes painted on the outside. Walking in is quite a shocker, because the inside is very minimalist. The coffee roaster in the corner and simple chairs and tables fill the open space. The ordering counter & menu board is also very unique and I have never seen anything like it, but I loved it! It felt simple, but yet I got this feeling that they knew what they were doing.

I ordered an “espresso & milk” as it appears on the menu board and hubby ordered a iced latte. After a taking a ton of pictures, we tried our drinks. They were so delicious, no really, these drinks were AMAZINGLY good!!!  The espresso came through above the milk and it was memorable. The coffee and the level of quality that Wells Coffee produces is mind blowing when they are relatively a new roaster to the coffee scene. Whatever this couple is doing, they are doing it right and getting noticed nationally! I am seeing Wells Coffee pop up in other coffee bloggers IG feeds in Texas. This month they were featured in a coffee subscription box out of Illinois!

Before leaving I discovered several other fantastic local coffee shops and roasters here in Fort Lauderdale. While that wasn’t the main reason we relocated, it sure does make the heat bearable. LOL When in Fort Lauderdale, think Wells Coffee Co. and make time to stop in, you will thank me, I promise!


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