Who is the Cappuccino Traveler? The beginning of my love for Coffee.

The road was long and I wanted it to be.

Confused. Angry. Frustrated. Bewildered. I had just been freshly “let go” from my job. First time ever. Not due to performance, but my position was no longer needed. Regardless, it hurt this perfectionist beyond words and so I took to the road, not knowing where I would end up, nor did it matter.

Miles later, I came upon a Starbucks coffee shop. Up to this point in my life, I knew what coffee tasted like, but that was the extent of it. I walked in to this dim-lit establishment and ordered something I never ordered before, nor did I really know what it was, but it sounded good. “One almond latte please.”


As I drank my very first latte, I sat there, alone, no cell phone, just me and my latte. Something about it soothed my inner soul and nerves. That moment, Starbucks and a latte became a safe haven for me, miles from home and the memory of an unsolicited failure.

THIS was the birth of a  love for coffee and almost 15 years later, I am still so thankful for those times I can go and sit in a cafe and find a safe, quiet place. (Which is why I always address the ambiance of a cafe in my blog posts.)

A happy wife, busy home school mom, coffee is an inexpensive treat that takes me back to a moment that brought me solace in a tumultuous situation.


My love for coffee and the craft of coffee has grown extensively over the years. I have been to Brazil, tasted fresh Brazilian espresso, walked the streets of Seattle and the home of the very first Starbucks. Now I find myself searching for the best roast, always looking for a new way to enjoy the different notes of the coffee bean.

So in a word, I am the cappuccino traveler, and coffee is my happy place in my busy, happy life.

Huge coffee Mug


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