Zeke’s Coffee Roastery & Coffee Lab ★★★★

A beautiful Saturday afternoon, found hubby and I visiting some local Washington D.C. coffee shops when we spotted Zeke’s!  The simple, sophisticated black exterior and the odd sign of a crab with  a coffee bean body left me puzzled and curious to know more.

I walked inside to an open space that is well designed –  I absolutely loved the look!  The backdrop for the coffee and menu board was black with white clean lines. The place felt airy and  welcoming at the same time.

I was greeted by a very friendly and knowledgeable barista and I ordered a black cold brew along with a bag of their popular roast. The coffee was fresh and the acidity low, leaving a full-bodied taste in my mouth. It was just plain delicious!

The front half served as the cafe while the back half was a roastery, affording us the opportunity to sit and sip our coffee while we watched them roasting the beans in small batches, which they pride themselves on.  And that smell – OH MY, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee was simply divine!!
Unlike most roasters, Zeke’s has a ‘fluid bed’ coffee roaster, which uses convection to deliver heat to the fountain of coffee beans. This technique roasts more quickly and uniformly than a conventional drum roaster and produces distinct flavor nuances.
Zeke’s originated in Baltimore, MD and has two locations there, as well as Washington D.C. and Pittsburg, PA.

Anytime I am in back in the District, I will make it a point to stop by and so should you.

Zeke’s Coffee

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